Dan Waber, Culinary Support Services

Fresh ideas. Private. Professional.

Secret Shopper

($100 + expenses)

Unpublished Review

($250 + expenses)

Full Consultation

($400/day + expenses)

One visit to your establishment for one meal at the service of your choosing. You receive within hours a completed 50-point checklist (with prose comments when necessary) that provides a disinterested third-party snapshot.

Also includes a distillation of the experience down to the two things you shouldn’t ever change, and the two things you need to change ASAP.

No one but you will ever know I was there.

Includes everything from Secret Shopper, plus a full-fledged restaurant review style prose piece of about 1000 words (the average published restaurant review is between 700 and 1200 words) describing in detail the whole experience of the visit.

Also includes the full list of everything you shouldn’t ever change, and everything you should change.

For an additional $150 very specific suggestions on how to adjust the things that need changing will be provided.

Includes everything from Secret Shopper, and Unpublished Review (if desired, even as a starting point) plus anything else you need private, discreet, professional consulting services to to better achieve.

Examples: menu design, service style orchestration, ambiance improvement, successful comp strategies, effective response to poor reviews, adapting to dietary restrictions, taste-testing variations, and Signature Ingredient Service.

Freelance: I am also available on an hourly basis to do advertising, marketing and promotion including social media and website updates for businesses in the food industry; recipe development and testing; product and product line development; cookbook editing; and, private instruction with individuals who want to learn how to love their time in the kitchen.

“expenses” includes all travel, lodging, and meals involved. I am based out of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area in the USA, but will travel anywhere.


Initial conversations and estimates are free and I welcome your inquiries:
danwaber@gmail.com  +1-570-762-6140